Remanufactured Laser Cartridges

A Buyers Guide.

If you have looked at buying remanufactured cartridges for your laser printers, you have probably been bewildered by the different claims made by, and the sheer number of different companies offering this service.

Are they all the same? Can you believe everything you hear? Have you tried a recycled cartridge in the past and been disappointed with the results?

The best remanufactured cartridges are virtually indistinguishable from original product, but how to tell good from bad before you buy?

What questions should you ask?

Surely there must be an easier way!

Fortunately there is - ask if your potential supplier is a member of UKCRA.

To become a member of UKCRA a remanufacturer has to do all this, and more. And these are just minimum standards - all are exceeded in one way or another by every UKCRA member.

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